Abstract nouns formed from verbs.

Dear Visitor,

thank you for visiting. But that’s what visitors do isn’t it? They visit.

The posts I have posted are gone (I hope, you never can tell in virtual land) and I am busy rebuilding what was into something better.

That’s the plan.

I leave you to contemplate the difference between writing and writing, and post and post. Or even love and love, and hate and hate. Which is the verb and which the noun?

Even God’s name…. is God a noun, or a verb? Yahweh, I am.

Am is a verb, a doing word.

Cheerio for now.



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Fly fishing and religion

There are probably two truly wonderful books that I’ve read. By wonderful I mean true works of art, not just words on a page. The first is ‘Thursbitch’ by Alan Garner, which is an incredible book despite its darkness. The second is ‘A River Runs Through It’ by Norman Maclean. You might have seen the movie with Brad Pitt, its okay, but the book is something else; a distillation of family life, faith, and sport, a book written like a poem.

Maclean starts his book by stating ‘In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing.’ This ambiguity is never more evident when the author describes his last fishing trip with his brother, Paul, who identifies which part of the river to fish in by ‘seeing something noticeable which makes you see something you weren’t noticing which makes you see something that isn’t even visible.’

I’m not sure if Norman Maclean was trying to make a point about religion here or not, but, for me, faith is all about seeing something which makes me notice something I wasnt noticing which makes me see something that isn’t even visible… and out come the fish.

Does that prove God? No. No it doesnt. But unless we cast we’ll never catch any fish. And unless we look for God, were not going to find him.  

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